We've joined Stripe Climate

We've joined Stripe Climate

May 20th 2021

We're really happy to share that Trustpage has joined Stripe Climate, an environmental sustainability initiative that will direct 1% of our revenue to emerging carbon removal technologies. Stripe Climate is managed by Stripe, the payment processor we use at Trustpage, and it was their commitment to sustainable causes that, in part, influenced our decision to work with them.


As a customer, you're automatically opted in to help save our planet. Anytime you make a payment on our website, or on any other website that features the green and yellow Stripe Climate badge, you'll know that you're doing your part. To learn more about where this money is going, visit stripe.com/climate.

Trustpage is all about accelerating the adoption of new, sustainable technologies to help make the world a better place. Our commitment to Stripe Climate is just one of many ways we're going about it.

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