What's Chakra and why do we sponsor it?

What's Chakra and why do we sponsor it?

May 26th 2021

Chakra UI is an open-source component library that we love, and rely on every day, here at Trustpage. The Chakra team, like many other open-source projects, depends on community support. Anyone can donate to Chakra. Because of its impact on our work, we chose, as a company, to support them on a monthly recurring basis.

Chakra UI is used by our developer teams to build React applications more efficiently using the customizable building blocks Chakra provides. So if you like what we're building at Trustpage, consider donating to Chakra.

Trustpage cares deeply about supporting open-source technology projects, and giving back to those that make our work possible. Our commitment to Chakra is a testament to that.

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