Q&A: Why are we giving away 300 boxes of edible cookies?

Dec 3, 2021 3:00:00 AM | Industry Q&A: Why are we giving away 300 boxes of edible cookies?

How does giving away chocolate chip cookies relate to third-party cookies online and why do you care?

We sat down with our Founder & CEO Chase to ask him why were are giving away so many cookies and what the real meaning is behind all those chocolate chips.


Q: What are third-party web cookies and why should I care?
A: When you click "accept cookies" on a website, you are giving that company or webpage permission to track and collect data from your web browser and share that information with the webpage owner. While the cookie itself isn't necessarily bad, the concern is around what happens next. If you are okay with this webpage owner knowing information like: browser search history, PII (such as name, home address, and phone number), computer settings such as language and time zone then no need to worry. I don't know about you, but I prefer to keep that information to myself.


Q: How can I avoid third-party cookies?
A: As a consumer, the obvious answer is to click "reject cookies" anytime you have the option. But, some browsers can automatically block cookies for you! Check this out. And, if you're a software company, you should check out our blog post for recommendations on making your own commitment to avoiding third-party cookies.


Q: So many companies use cookies, how are you getting away with not using them?
A: We have been committed to not using third-party cookies on our website or in our product from the very beginning. We pay close attention to this when selecting partners and vendors to work with. For example, Tourial, which we use to power our product tours, was so compelled by our stance they decided to upgrade their product for us so that it would not require the use of third-party cookies.

Q: With all this technical talk, it is important that we ask a really pressing question - what is your favorite kind of cookie?
A: Any cookies my wife makes - she's the best!

Q: So what will giving away edible cookies do?
A: Our hope is that we can keep the conversation going - we’re aiming to encourage other like-minded folks to join our campaign and remove third-party cookies from websites around the world.

Q: What do you foresee happening to cookies in the future?
A: They're going away one way or another. Whether they will be replaced by better options for our collective privacy is still up for debate, but we believe in the end they will. In the meantime, we'll eat the rest one by one. 🍪 ✌️

Devon Malloy

Written By: Devon Malloy

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